Is it Achilles Tendinitis or a Tear?

It seemed like a good idea at the time – joining a running group mid-season, or taking part in that pickup basketball game -- but now your Achilles won’t stop hurting, and you’re starting to worry. Is it tendinitis or a tear? It certainly can be confusing. Achilles...

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Achilles Tendon Troubles

Fall sports are underway and that means the injury reserve lists have begun! Unfortunately, with every sport there comes a risk of getting hurt, and one common site of a sports injuries is your Achilles tendon. Yes, even the toughest and strongest tendon in your body...

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Welcome to the Team, Dr. Mauriello!

Pequest Foot & Ankle Specialists is thrilled to announce our newest team member, Dr. Gerald Mauriello, a Chief of Surgery who comes to us from New York! Dr. Mauriello loves this area and has been waiting for the perfect opportunity to relocate and care for the...

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Strategies for Sidelining Sport Injuries

Whether you’re on a recreational team, a part of regular pickup games, or even just like to play catch with your kids, participating in sports always comes with a possible risk of injury. However, just as you have a game plan when it comes to your activities, there...

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Keeping Young Athletes Injury-Free

If we could wrap them in bubble wrap, we would! Protecting our children is always a top priority as parents, which is why it’s so hard to sit on the sidelines during a game and do anything else but worry! Watching kids play sports can make you feel excited...

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Helpful Hints for Children’s Heel Pain

As spring sports transition into summer activities, kids everywhere are jumping from one thing to the next, running around like crazy -- which means parents are too! It’s an action-packed, busy time of year. School will be out before you know it, but in the midst of...

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Bunions on Kids’ Big Toes

It’s true – kids can get bunions, too! How you ask? Other than occasionally playing dress-up, it’s not like they’re clomping around in high heels, after all. Well, despite popular belief, older women who have a soft spot for stilettos aren’t the only ones who get...

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Orthotics Are Not Just for Grownups

If you’re planning a date night, you no doubt got a sitter for the kids. After all, it wouldn’t be much of a date if you spend the whole time chasing your children around! Some things are simply for grownups only, but guess what? Contrary to common belief, when it...

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Dear Patient,

Great news! The practice, Dr. Amannda Richline P.C., is thrilled to announce Dr. Gerald Mauriello, a Chief of Surgery, is available to see patients! After waiting for the perfect opportunity to relocate from New York to this area which he loves, Dr. Mauriello is delighted to join the caring staff our patients have come to love. It couldn’t be more of a perfect fit! Patients can expect the same attention to detail and personal care that they know, love, and appreciate.

The practice is happy to also announce we are offering holistic treatment options by Root and Branch Natural Medicine under the direction of Jennifer Hicks, LAc, a board-certified acupuncturist, and herbalist.

Call (908) 475-8750 to find out more.

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